Size guide


from astrid with strongly recommend you use our size guide, to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase and can avoid returns. We have measured the length of the inner soles of our espadrilles and recommend you compare these measurements to the inner sole of a similar shoe you own.

Please note that our espadrilles are made of natural materials that tend to stretch slightly over time. A shoe that feels slightly tight the first time you use it will likely fit perfectly after being worn a few times. With this said, it should not be a struggle to put them on.

If you are between sizes, we recommend that you size up, also if your feet are wider than normal, you will probably need one size more to be able to walk comfortably.

In our size chart below we show the length of the inner soles. We recommend you compare these to an innersole of a shoe you already own, by measuring it without pressing downwards.


 EU Length (cm)
36 23,5
37 23,8
38 24,5
39 25,1
40 25,4
41 25,7